Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet Jocelyn

As I promised in the last post (I'm a woman of my word!) the next hair stick to come off the line is finished and listed in my Etsy shop!
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Jocelyn!
She's hand carved and features a purple lucite flower accented by an AB Antique Rose Swarovski bicone, a Moonlight bicone and a purple crystal rondelle. More details on the Etsy listing. She really is a beauty, the pictures simply don't capture how delicate and sparkly these beads are, especially the Antique Rose center bead. It has several different colors in it: oranges, purples, blues, pinks, greens... all depending on how the light is hitting it. Jocelyn really is a sight to behold. Here are some more photos.


  1. Very pretty! Wish I had thick enough hair to use one! :( But no, I was born with the baby fine wispy hair. LOL.

  2. found you on etsy have a really unique style...keep it up!